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Adventure Finders" (Rod Espinosa), "Diebold" (John Holland, Brian Clifton).

It's a dream come true: a new fantasy-focused title from Antarctic Press!  "Adventure Finders" (Rod Espinosa): Fantasy master Rod Espinosa weaves an action-packed story of a small-town girl and her friends who want to make it big as renowned fighters. Clariette is part Barbie, part Xena, and all heart, out to make the world a better place. Her cousin, Jolfe Endarion, is an apprentice wizard with a love of adventure and good food.  When they meet a newcomer, the priestess Sister Ariarra Popplevensie, their lives take an abrupt change!  "Diebold" (John Holland, Brian Clifton):  It's Ed the Talking Head.  He's lost his head, but he ain't dead.  And so begins the search for Ed's head, when he ain't got no body to help.
We know that, as fantastic as our front-page flights of fancy can be, they can't always live up to what's in your head.  So this is your chance to live out your fantasy and create your own Fantasy Comics cover, or get one commissioned by your favorite artist!